Heartsine Samaritan Pad 350P Defibrillaattori



Samaritain PAD 350P has very good specifications and guaranteed performance over its entire 8 year lifetime. This AED is lightweight, compact, easy-to-use and portable and with an IP56 rating, it provides the maximum resistance against water and dirt pollution, making the Heartsine Samaritan 350P the favourite AED choice for sports clubs, factories and swimming pools .
Audio and visual prompts guide the user step by step through the resuscitation process; from trained first aiders to health professionals, the 350P is designed so that anyone, anywhere and at anytime can save a life.

The 350P uses HeartSine’s practical Pad-Pak, which incorporates the battery and electrodes into one single-use cartridge – meaning that only one expiration date requires monitoring and only one items needs to be replaced after use/expiry. The 350P is suitable for use on adults and children. For children younger than 8 years or weighing less than 25kg (55 lbs.) a Paediatric PadPaK is available and must be used.

How It Works
The HeartSine samaritan PAD is an automated external defibrillator (AED) that analyses the heart rhythm and delivers an electrical shock to victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in order to restore the heart to normal rhythm.
1. The rescuer switches on the HeartSine samaritan PAD.
2. Clear, calm instructions guide the rescuer through visual and audio prompts.
3. The system guides the rescuer through the resuscitation process, from pad application to shock delivery if required.  In addition, a CPR metronome and flashing icon coaches the rescuer through the correct speed of CPR chest  compressions according to ERC 2010 Guidelines.

What is included with your order:

  • Heartsine Samaritan PAD 350P
  • 1 PAD Pak, Shelf-Life 3.5-4 years
  • Quick reference instruction card
  • Manual guide
  • 8 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Free AED carrier bag
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